A little about Me, Myself, & I

I’m an aquarius and true hummanitarian at heart. My goal for this site is to provide information and insights that can help people on their route to a healthy, enjoyable, peaceful life, whatever that maybe for each individual. 

I’m very much into the holistic approach when itcomes to life, believing that balance is the true way. What really kicked off my personal journey to where I am today (a collaboration of things actually) the biggest thing being my starting massage school. It greatly pointed me on the healing path. I personally believe that there is a link to be made (as it’s already started) between science and spirituality. There is a lot to be learned, but also a lot that’s being “discovered” that has already been taught in cultures for centuries. Either way as a former skeptic of the universe I now believe in miracles and can only hope you have the joy of believing in them too. While I feel it is wrong to push your beliefs on others, no matter how good the intention, that is not what I aim to do here. As my saying goes; I don’t care what you believe in as long as your belief makes you a better person go for it!

I just want to provide a space that makes you question the universe, its truths and to inspire you to awaken to your own truth whatever that maybe.

I also believe, through first hand experience, that food has a lot more to do with our well being than it gets credit for. A LOT MORE! Through some medical strife I have recently become a Vegan (for all those carnivores out there, I felt your initial gut wrenching pain). However I’m here to inform you it’s actually not too bad.

As a girl who used to LOVE her bacon I’m not going to lie and say I don’t miss it, and I’m also not here to preach about how the whole world should now be vegan too. I would however suggest incorporating just one vegetarian day (all 3 or 6 meals, however your eating style) a week into your diet. Then take note in the difference you feel in your body. I realize this sounds quite daunting as the typical first thought to your mind may be, 1) No thanks I actually like my food to taste “good” or 2) I prefer not to eat salad for all my meals thanks. I had these thoughts when I first started my new diet, unfortunately my body didn’t give me a choice in the matter (throwing up all foods except for veggies, fruit included).

On this site I’d like to provide you with first hand delicious (in my opinion) vegetarian & vegan recipes. You might be thinking to yourself, so who is this lady to know what good is considering most of her taste buds are probably dead now since she can’t eat “real food”. Well that could be true, but if its any consolation I still think tofurky is disgusting (sorry to whom ever that may offend, but sometimes the truth hurts). I have a list of a few other fake things that just aren’t right, but I also have a list, that’s growing daily, of scrum-diddly-umptish dishes. Not only do they taste great they’re also healthy, leave your body feeling great, and did I mention I don’t own a dish washer, which means they’re also (mostly) easy to make because this girl is not a fan of piled up dishes. A few more credentials I might add are that I went to a vocational school for culinary arts, have been cooking since I was 10, and am looking to get into the field of nutritional therapy. If that’s not enough for you then you always have the option of not listening to me as this is a page about realizing and exercising your freedoms.

Well now that I’ve blabbed your ear off and we haven’t even met yet, I hope you enjoy something on this page. That it has offered you at least one gold nugget of information you didn’t know before to expand that ever evolving brain of yours. If you get nothing else at least maybe a little smile at these horribly corny (aha! No pun intended) jokes!

*What did one ear of corn say to the other?

-You’re Ah-maize-ing

*Why did the strawberry cross the road?

-Cause he was in a JAM

*Why did the skeleton go to the movies alone??

-Cause it had no-body to go with!


Don’t forget not to take life too seriously, as it goes nobody makes it out alive anyways.

Peace be with you always,

Anna (:


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