I hear people talk about disease
With dis-ease as if the word itself is a disease.

It commands presence for experience.

An experience of lacking
Endured with shame and ridicule
Should I cling to it or hide behind it?

Sometimes both in this state of confusion.

To feel this temporary sensation so lastingly
Can make transition feel timeless.

I accept you as a union
Rather than feel you as a barrier

To feel dis-ease is to free disease

Acceptance is bliss




Come in Unity

Come in unity
Gathered all
Lest we fall
We are all here,
To catch each other.
To remind each other of our divine grace
Always there, always flowing
Do we tap into our power
Or let it flow all around us
The Choice
Is there
Is Yours
Is consistently changing.
Life force flowing
Forever more
Can we flow together;
To co-create and assimilate
Or postulate to annihilate?
The dream
Is yours
And mine
You are the shrine
Floating through time
All is divine.


Free Flow

Free flow poetry
Unsure what to expect
No two poems are the same
For we each bring our own flavor
As we let the verses flow,
from down below
Flow up
Flow down
Flow all around
Structure and flow
Some say they don’t go
I believe they need each other to exist
How will you know freedom of flow
Unless you’ve been restricted.